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In part one of this series we introduced you to T-Rex, The DuraCoat® Machine. If you missed out on that you can read up on it here:  Part 1 - The Rise of the T-Rex

The next chapter in the rise of the T-Rex brings us to the Dyno. Dyno testing puts the engine in a safe environment to measure horsepower and torque, allows for any adjustments or corrections to be made to optimize performance, and most importantly makes sure the darn thing doesn’t explode. 


Exhaust noise was pumped outside so all we hear is the power and roar of this beast.  We got her up to 6400rpm with torque at 477 lb ft. The horsepower was calculated at 581 and still climbing. To keep it street legal and easy to drive we didn’t try to push her any further but she definitely could have taken it.  For you motorheads, one of the Dyno printouts is below.  All you really need is to watch the video so we’ll shut up now and get to it.

 Dyno Report