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DuraCoat® Standard Colors - Pinks
DuraCoat® Standard Colors - Pinks
DuraCoat® Standard Colors - Pinks
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DuraCoat® Standard Colors - Pinks

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About DuraCoat®:

DuraCoat® - our first product, our flagship product. After nearly 20 years, the coating that started the Color Revolution is still #1. With proven durability and unmatched versatility, DuraCoat® really is the finest firearm finish on the planet!

DuraCoat® was designed for everyone. Whether you are a hobbyist, a gunsmith, or a professional finisher, DuraCoat® was made for you. It really is the most user-friendly gun coating available. Anyone can do it.


    • Packaged in both liquid (for application with spray equipment) and convenient aerosol cans.
      • Available in over 300 colors including specialty color collections.
        • Can be applied to any type of metal, plastic, and wood. 
          • Can be applied over bare metal, parkerizing, anodizing, and bluing.
            • Exhibits amazing impact, mar, and abrasion resistance.
              • Protects your firearm from rust and corrosion and is resistant to cleaners and chemicals.
                • No baking or preheating required.

                Click Here To View DuraCoat® Liquid (Requires Airbrush or Spray Gun) Instructions

                DuraCoat® Aerosol Info:

                Unique Can-within-a-Can technology provides the Hardener right inside of the can.

                No more measuring and mixing. Just release the Hardener and shake.

                Lasts up to 4 weeks once activated. Enough for 2-4 firearms.

                Two additional nozzle upgrades also available:

                • Nozzle for Large Scale Projects covers 4 inch area
                • Adjustable Nozzle covers a 2-3 inch area

                DuraCoat® Aerosol Kit includes:

                • DuraCoat® Aerosol can
                • 6 oz TruStrip™ Cleaner/Degreaser
                • Scrubbing pad


                - Color swatches approximate actual color -


                 Colors: Pink Lady, Lars Larson Commie Pinko, ERGO Pink, Hogue Pink, Magpul Pink, Coral


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