Student of the Gun & DuraCoat - #SexyCanContest

Show Us Your Sexy Can!


During the month of August, Student of the Gun & DuraCoat® challenge you to take your old, rusty, or boring ammo can, and turn it into a Sexy Can!  Because life is too short for an ugly gun.  It is also too short for ugly ammo cans!


The crew at Student of the Gun and us here at DuraCoat® are co-sponsoring the Sexy Can Contest.

Fans of SOTG and DuraCoat® are encouraged to take a standard steel GI ammo can and get as wild and creative as they want. Use stencils or free hand it. It doesn’t matter, just make it look cool.

After you have finished, take a picture of your Sexy Can and post it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Important: use the #SexyCanContest so our judges can find it. Also, be sure to tell everyone what DuraCoat® colors you used for your project.

Three winners will be chosen during Labor Day weekend 2018: 1st Place will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to, 2nd Place will get a $50 Gift Certificate, and 3rd Place will get a DuraCoat® SWAG package. Finally, all winners will get a special SWAG box assembled by Student of the Gun’s very own Shipping Ogre.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and how creative you can be!

Rules and Conditions
Contest runs from 07/25/2018 – 8/31/2018. Winners will be selected over Labor Day weekend.
To be considered Official, the entry must contain the hashtag #SexyCanContest and the names of the DuraCoat® colors used in the project. (i.e. *Picture* Slightly Darker Black & Spring Blue! #SexyCanContest)
One official submission/picture per person, only eligible for one prize.
Please refrain from using trademarked logos & images. Also, please do not use vulgar images or language. As funny as they may be, you will not be qualified to win a prize.
Must use at least one DuraCoat® color or product in your project.
By submitting your pictures to the #SexyCanContest promotion, you are thereby giving Lauer Custom Weaponry, DuraCoat Firearm Finishes & Student of the Gun LLC full permission to use and distribute the pictures at will on social media, articles, in promotional material, etc.
Upon being selected as a winner, you will be personally contacted on the forum in which you posted your entry. If you do not respond within 72 hours, we will try again. From that point it is up to you to contact us in order to claim your prize.