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Use DuraCoat Gloss Clear as a topcoat for chemical resistance if you plan to use gun cleaners on the piece. A topcoat is not required if harsh cleaners will not be used. Clear will slightly diminish the mirror effect.

Now you can have the most eye-catching gun at the range! DuraChrome™ creates the illusion of hard chrome by using a two-step process.

First apply a black base coat using DuraChrome Base Coat, then apply the DuraChrome in a single layer to create a mirror-like finish. Packaged and sold with the required base coat. Top coat is sold separately.

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  • 2oz includes 2oz DuraChrome and 4oz Base Coat, enough for one handgun or small parts
  • 4oz includes 4oz DuraChrome and 8oz Base Coat, enough for 2-4 firearms
  • 8oz includes 8oz DuraChrome and 16oz Base Coat, enough for 4-8 firearms
  • 16oz includes 16oz DuraChrome and 32oz Base Coat, enough for 8-16 firearms
  • 32oz includes 32oz DuraChrome and 64oz Base Coat, enough for 16-32 firearms
  • 128oz includes one gallon DuraChrome and two gallons Base Coat, enough for 64-128 firearms
  • Small Aerosol includes 6oz Aerosol DuraChrome and 12oz Aerosol Base Coat, enough for 1-2 firearms
  • Large Aerosol includes 16oz DuraChrome and (2) 12oz Aerosol Base Coat, enough for 2-4 firearms