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  • Cerakote: Corrosion Test for Real?

    We would like to start off by reminding everyone that we at Lauer Custom Weaponry take pride in advertising our DuraCoat® products for what they are. We try to be truthful in our marketing efforts. We never speak poorly of another company’s products in an attempt to make ours look better.

    Unfortunately, not all companies want to play on the same field as us. We decided that it is time to defend our good name and good products. To do this, we have begun to release a series of informative posts regarding another firearm coating in the market.

    In case you missed it, you can read our first post here: Cerakote: Isn’t it supposed to be ceramic?

    Jump to the bottom if you only want the results and don’t need the whole story.

    Cerakote™ Gun Coatings, sold by NIC Industries,  in recent years is promoted as the “World’s Toughest Firearm Finish.” NIC is well known for its use of ASTM testing to attempt to prove its claim in its literature and on their website.

    Salt Spray Test

    In this post, the test we are going to focus on is ASTM B117 also known as the Salt Spray Test. In simple terms, the Salt Spray Test uses a salt spray chamber to see how many hours a salt solution can be sprayed on a coated metal before the metal rusts or corrodes.

    Cerakote uses the Salt Spray Test in its literature and on its website showing a salt chamber filled with parts coated with different firearm coatings including Cerakote™ and DuraCoat®.

    The NIC Training Manual and their website states that Cerakote H-146 will last over 3,500 hours. An image from NIC’s website is shown below:

    Cerakote Corrosion Test

    While we do not claim to know everything about coatings, we have been in the coatings industry for over 30 years. We have several employees also with more than 30 years of experience including one employee with extensive history with a nationally known major coatings manufacturer. This long experience led us immediately to question the results of a Salt Spray Test showing a thin-film coating could last over 3,000 hours before rusting.

    Thin-film coatings are a type of coating known for durability with minimal thickness. DuraCoat® and Cerakote™ both fall into the thin-film category. In the coatings world, a thin-film coating is considered good quality when it withstands 300 hours in a salt spray chamber.  

    So, knowing this, we decided to have Cerakote H-146 tested by an independent lab to verify NIC’s claim of 3,500 hours without rust or corrosion.

    The Results of Independent Lab Testing

    NIC’s claims could not be duplicated by the independent lab! The lab went so far as to obtain the test panels from a Cerakote Certified Applicator. The use of the Cerakote Certified Applicator ensured that the test was completely out of our hands.

    And the results are in… Cerakote exhibited signs of corrosion at 147 hours. Red rust was first noted at 169 hours. We requested the test be stopped at 435 hours when the panels showed significant rust. Nowhere near Cerakote's 3,500 hour claim.

    Click Here to See the Lab Report

    Stay tuned to The DuraBlog to see how DuraCoat performed in the Salt Spray Test.

  • Cerakote: Isn't it supposed to be ceramic?

    We at Lauer Custom Weaponry take pride in knowing that the products we make and sell are exactly what we claim them to be. We make no claims about our products that cannot be proven. As Steve Lauer the founder and inventor of DuraCoat® always says, “All products perform as advertised.” We say our product is a urethane and it is a urethane. We also never intend to make negative comments towards other companies, even those so called competitors that constantly knock down other makers of firearm finishes. The purpose of this blog post is not meant to dissuade you from purchasing products other than DuraCoat® and it is NOT meant to degrade another company. We want to make this clear before we start.  This post is meant to inform you, as a person interested in firearm refinishing products, that you have not been told the truth and have been fed misleading information by another “maker” of firearm finishes.

    That company is NIC Industries, the “creators” of Cerakote Gun Coatings. The information provided here only applies to their H-Series coating which is currently being sold as a firearm finish. Findings do not apply to any other product produced by NIC although we will be analyzing those in the future.  Exhaustive research has been completed to verify this information before release.

    Cerakote H-Series Firearm Coating, as the name implies, is marketed as a ceramic coating. Their current SDS (Safety Data Sheet), as of 9/8/15, describes this product as a “Heat Curable Polymer-Ceramic Composite Coating.”  Statements such as “The foundation for Cerakote H-Series coatings is a unique ceramic technology” can be found in their literature and has become a major selling point for this coating. Below is a copy of their Technical Data Sheet for this coating with this statement highlighted.

    Well, we hate to break it to you but Cerakote H-Series contains little, if any, ceramic.

    A sample of Cerakote H-Series in Graphite Black was sent to a lab for analysis. The analysis broke down the components for identification. The test concluded that Cerakote is basically an epoxy resin suspended in a solvent. This test measured down to 1% and no ceramic was detected. The current SDS does list “Ceramic and/or Metallic pigments or colorants” but that is a far cry from a ceramic foundation.

    A copy of the lab results are posted here. At the request of the lab, names and identifying information have been redacted.

    Cerakote Analysis Page 1 Cerakote Analysis Page 2  Cerakote Analysis Page 3

    Now, an epoxy coating is not inherently a bad thing.  Epoxies can be used in a variety of environments and hold up very well. So, why might Cerakote be misleading customers into believing their coating is ceramic rather than an epoxy? Stay tuned for our analysis of that...

    You may be asking yourself, “why did DuraCoat® go to the trouble of having Cerakote tested”? Well, honestly, we never actually paid that much attention to them and we probably should have. We discovered last fall that NIC Industries/Cerakote was using our DuraCoat® and Lauer™ trademarks in Google ads to draw potential customers to their website. Basically, they were running “bait and switch” ads with headings like “Buy DuraCoat Here” and “Lauer DuraCoat” followed by the Cerakote website link. This caused us to investigate their website further and we discovered several things that seemed amiss. A lawsuit and settlement soon followed which leads us to today. We decided that the fraud can no longer go unknown. Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the web of deceit.

  • DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing – You can do this!

    Greetings DuraCoat Fans!

    Have you heard about DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing yet? If not, boy do we have news for you. DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing by the makers of DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes is taking the firearm industry by storm. This revolutionary new firearm coating replaces the need for traditional bluing methods. Whether it be hot caustic bluing, cold bluing, rust bluing, or any other type of traditional gun bluing that you do yourself or pay someone to do for you, you can use DuraBlue instead. It is indistinguishable from traditional gun bluing! You have to see it to believe it!


    You can do this! - This statement applies to individuals, gun shops, and even firearm manufacturers. The high cost of traditional gun bluing is a turn off for many. Doing traditional bluing yourself as an individual can be tough, even dangerous. Finding someone to do it for you can be difficult and if you do find someone they might charge an arm and a leg. Gun shops and firearm restorers can benefit from the simplicity of DuraBlue™. No caustic chemicals to work with, no hot tanks, no vapors rusting everything in your shop, no serious health hazards. Imagine a simple spray can could rejuvenate an old rusty gun in minutes! Even firearm manufacturers would be wise to use DuraBlue™ for many of the same reasons.

    But what is it if it isn’t bluing? – DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing was developed out of DuraCoat®. It is a two-part spray-on coating that has all the properties you expect from DuraCoat®, including but not limited to, flexibility, durability, uv protection, chemical resistance, and of course, protection from rust and corrosion. DuraBlue™ looks and feels like real gun bluing but there is no worry about scratches, wear, or rust. It provides a deep, glossy finish and is available in three colors – Blue, Black, and Blue/Black. It can be applied to handguns, rifles, shotguns, any type of gun really. You can have that traditional look without the hassles!

    DuraBlue™ LCW15

    How does it work? – Well, that is very simple indeed. DuraBlue™ is available in a liquid form for application with spray equipment and is also available in an aerosol can. The liquid version comes in sizes starting at 4oz up to gallons and beyond. It can be applied with something as simple as an airbrush but can also be applied with spray guns with the appropriate nozzle size. Volume is something to consider when choosing an application method. The aerosol can is perfect for one or two rifles or shotguns and works very well for the beginner.  The prep process can be as simple as degreasing and sanding to remove any rust. This should be done at a minimum. We recommend degreasing with our TruStrip™ Cleaner/Degreaser for best results. For more professional results we recommend degreasing with TruStrip™, sandblasting with 120 grit aluminum oxide, Parkerizing, and then coating. Parkerizing is not required but does give the DuraBlue™ the best surface to adhere to.  DuraBlue™ is then sprayed on in very thin passes with a final heavy wet coat to achieve the sheen. View our instructional videos on using both spray equipment and the aerosol can for more detailed information.

    DuraBlue™ will not stop here! You can expect more from DuraCoat® in the months to come. DuraBlue™ will expand into a line of traditional finishes to meet every restoration need or new manufacture desire! Stay Tuned!
  • DuraCoat Durability Testing Results

    There’s a lot of hype out there right now regarding durability testing of gun coatings. While we believe that real-world performance far outweighs laboratory tests, companies such as NIC Industries, the makers of Cerakote™, have created a false reality where these tests have been given a greater weight of importance than we believe they should. Lab tests do have a place in our world, but we believe they do not recreate the real environments and handling that firearms will be put through and as such they should be viewed with this in mind. There is also the factor that these tests could be easily rigged so that a specific outcome is achieved, should one decide to stoop to such lows.

    But, seeing as there has been a sense of importance placed on these tests in today’s market, we have posted our own DuraCoat® durability testing results below. All tests were completed by independent labs. 

    Adhesion – ASTM D3359

    Adhesion of a coating can be measured using a test known as Crosshatch Adhesion. This test is performed by scratching coated steel panels in a crosshatch pattern and then using tape to attempt to remove any of the coating. The results are then scored on a 0B to 5B scale with 5B being the best score. DuraCoat Matte Black passed the test with a top rating of 5B.


    Flexibility via Conical Mandrel Bend – ASTM D522

    Flexibility can be tested using ASTM D522 which places coated steel panels in a device that bends the panel around a conical shaped mandrel. This tests the ability of the coating to flex and stretch with the deformation of the metal substrate. The smallest mandrel used is 1/8”. Coatings that withstand the 1/8” test receive the highest rating available for this test. DuraCoat Matte Black passed the 1/8” mandrel test with no signs of cracking or deformation.


    Impact Resistance – ASTM D2794

    Impact Resistance can be measured using ASTM D2794. This test is performed by dropping a weight onto a coated steel panel at a certain distance causing the panel and coating to deform. This distance is increased until the coating fails. Coating failure is the point at which cracking or delamination occurs. This test can be performed both by Direct Impact and Reverse Impact. DuraCoat Matte Black was tested using both methods. It was determined to have a Direct Impact strength and a Reverse Impact strength of 160 inch-lbs which is the maximum the impact tester can measure.

    Impact Resistance

    Pencil Hardness – ASTM D3363

    Pencil Hardness measures the ability of a coating to resist scratching, marring, or gouging. A range of lead pencils are used to test the coating by scratching the surface to see if damage occurs. The hardest lead used before the coating is scratched determines the rating. It should be noted that a higher hardness rating is not always best in terms of overall durability. A coating that scores very high runs the risk of being brittle. Flexibility is a very important factor in the durability of any coating. DuraCoat Matte Black rated a 6H pencil hardness. This score reflects DuraCoat’s perfect balance of hardness and flexibility which results in its outstanding durability.

    Pencil Hardness

    Corrosion – ASTM B117

    An in-depth DuraCoat® versus Cerakote™ Salt Spray analysis, performed by an independent lab, can be found here: DuraCoat vs Cerakote Salt Spray Results


    Below is a screenshot of the lab report for these tests. Due to the size of the report and the amount of non-pertinent information contained in the report we have only posted the results table. Any reference to the lab's identity has been withheld to protect their privacy. 

    Lab Report

  • DuraCoat Quick Tip - DuraCoating in Winter?

    As we head into the winter months, we tend to get a lot of questions about how to DuraCoat® in the colder weather.

    Can I DuraCoat® in the winter?

    Can I DuraCoat® outside in the cold?

    At what temps can I apply DuraCoat®?

    The answer is yes! You can apply DuraCoat® in temperatures down to 50°F. The ideal temperature range for DuraCoat® application is between 65°F and 75°F, but spraying in colder temps is possible. Make sure to allow your parts to acclimate to the temperature of the spray booth (or garage, or outside) for at least an hour before spraying. This will allow the condensation time to evaporate before spraying. Remember, condensation can be present even if you can’t see it. Keep your DuraCoat®, DuraBlue®, etc. around 65°F-70°F until you are ready to spray. After spraying, bring the parts in to a warm environment to dry.

    Another related question we get this time of year is, “Does DuraCoat® freeze?” The answer is no. DuraCoat®, DuraBlue®, Hardener, Reducer, etc. do not freeze. If UPS leaves your DuraCoat® package outside on your porch in -30°F it will not damage it in any way. Products such as our parkerizing solutions may freeze but they will be just fine once they thaw.

    On a side note, storing your DuraCoat®, Hardener, and other related items in a fridge or freezer (without food) will actually extend the shelf life!

  • DuraCoat University Series Post 1 - Becoming a Certified Finisher

    Greetings DuraCoat® Fans!

    This week will be the start of a series of posts dedicated to DuraCoat® University™, the Certified Finisher training offered by Lauer Custom Weaponry™. In this post we will discuss the training class itself and why you should consider attending. In follow-up posts we will have interviews with several Certified Finishers who have attended DuraCoat® University. We will discuss why they decided to attend, what they gained from the class, and how it helped grow their business.

    DuraCoat® University

    So you might be thinking, why would someone attend DuraCoat® University? What would I get out of it? Is it worth the trip? The ever-growing list of attendees is a testament to the value and benefit of attending. DuraCoat® University is a training course dedicated to teaching individuals how to refinish and restore firearms using the DuraCoat® line of finishing products. The class provides a wealth of knowledge and information to leave you feeling confident that you can go back and make money with DuraCoat®. You have the control to make your future successful.  If you are an individual, you can easily start offering DuraCoat® services as a side business which may grow into a full time gig if you have the desire. If you already have a firearm related business such as a gun shop or pawn shop, DuraCoat® services can be a very lucrative addition. Firearm manufacturers large and small can benefit from training their employees to apply DuraCoat® orDuraBlue™ Spray-on Bluing correctly and efficiently.

    What you get out of DuraCoat® University is the knowledge you need to control your future. Individuals and families all across the country and even internationally have achieved success in part due to the training and skills they learned by attending a class. The demand for firearm refinishing services is ever-growing as more and more people realize that they have this option. Customization and personalization of firearms is becoming the norm. Just take a look at any firearm manufacturer’s line up and see the variety of colors and camos that are offered.  With DuraCoat®, you too can offer this to your customers. And don’t forget the never ending need for gun restoration. Old, used, and abused firearms are in endless supply and the demand for a person with the skills to restore that gun to its former glory is high.

    Humble Beginnings

    DuraCoat® University started early on in DuraCoat® history. Somewhere around 2003, it was decided that a training course dedicated to teaching DuraCoat® users how to make money with DuraCoat® would be offered. The class began simply and offered finishers hands-on training applying DuraCoat® and camo patterns. Attendees brought their own weapons to practice on and received personalized instruction on how to coat that particular gun. After several years, the class became less free-form and started taking on a set curriculum. In order to cover the most topics possible, 1911 handgun frames and slides were provided for attendees to use. A single set was used multiple times by each attendee throughout the entire day. This allowed for quicker changeover between topics and didn’t take away time from learning. This is how it is still done today.

    DuraCoat® Class


    Today, DuraCoat® University covers a vast array of topics. As our line of firearm restoration, protection, and customization products grew, so did the amount of information provided during the class. No longer do you just learn how to DuraCoat®, now you learn everything you need to offer firearm refinishing services. 

    Topics covered include:

    • Preparation methods for metal, wood, and synthetics including degreasing and sandblasting
    • Spray technique for DuraCoat® colors and clears
    • How to avoid and repair spray problems including blushing, dry mist, etc.
    • Camouflage methods including the “5-Minute Camo Technique”
    • Proper use of Peel ‘N Spray™ templates
    • Application of DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing
    • Use of specialty coatings such as DuraFil™ Surface Filler and Parkerizing
    • Use of coating additives
    • And most importantly – How to Make Money using DuraCoat®!

     DuraCoat® Class Curriculum

    Degree in Flage-ology™

    Graduates of DuraCoat® University receive a bachelor’s degree in Flage-ology™. Flage-ology™ is the study of camouflage as it applies to DuraCoat®. A Masters degree is awarded to attendees of a second course and a PhD for three or more classes. There is only one DuraCoat® University course but each time you attend it will be personalized to your advanced level. 

    In addition to a degree, attendees also receive a listing in the Certified Finisher section of the DuraCoat® website. Potential customers are directed to this listing for refinishing services. Additional product discounts are also offered to make your business more profitable.

     DuraCoat® Spray Gun

    Gun Shops to Gun Owners

    DuraCoat® University was designed for anyone who has a desire to learn more about DuraCoat® application; whether that be to open up a gun finishing business, add services to your existing gun shop, finish newly manufactured firearms, or even just as a hobby.  This class truly caters to all. Everyone who uses DuraCoat® will benefit from attending DuraCoat® University. You will learn so much about the application process and how to be successful doing it. You will receive hands-on training and instruction from the inventor of DuraCoat® himself, Steve Lauer. There will also be additional instructors so everyone can get the help they need.


    DuraCoat® University is held at our facility in Chippewa Falls, WI. Classes are one full day and held seven times a year, always on a Saturday. Class size is limited to 20 students so sign up early!


    For more information about DuraCoat® University™, download the brochure and sign up form below:

    Download Brochure Here | Download Sign-up Form Here

    READ PART TWO HERE: Certified Finisher Interview One

    READ PART THREE HERE: Certified Finisher Interview Two

  • DuraCoat University Series Post 2 - Certified Finisher Interview 1

    In Part 2 of the DuraCoat® University Series we will be talking with long time Certified Finisher, John Buethe, of Cal Armory in Camino, CA. Let's hear what he has to say about his experience at DuraCoat® University and find out what his business is like.

    You can read Part 1 of this series here.

    Custom DuraCoat® Camo done by John

    About John's business, Cal Armory:

    1. Do you have a storefront? Do you have a gun shop or firearm related business

      John's Answer:  I have 17 acres in the country and have several shops.  I am a 07 FFL and manufacture AR’s, AK’s and tactical shotguns.
    1. Do you offer DuraCoat® services as a main business, part of another business, or as a side business?

      John's Answer:  DuraCoat is my primary business.  All of my builds are DuraCoated.  The majority of my business is DuraCoating.  I recently DuraCoated the Shotguns for the local Sheriff Department.
    1. How much DuraCoat® work do you get on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? 

      John's Answer: I DuraCoat® three to four full days a week.
    1. Do you advertise your DuraCoat® services in any way? Print ads, signage, website, etc.

      John's Answer: I do not advertise.  I operate word of mouth.
    1. Do you have employees that perform DuraCoat® services? If so, how many?

      John's Answer: I have one person DuraCoat® with me.
    1. Do you specialize in solid colors, camo patterns, restorations, hydrographics, or something else?

      John's Answer:  We specialize in the Disruptive (based loosely on the Kryptek pattern) Style of camo patterns. We still do a fair amount of tradition camo (BDU. 3 Color Desert, Multicolor) and restoration of old fire damaged or simply old or damaged firearms.

    Another Great Example of John's work

    1. Please tell us anything else pertinent about your current business.

      John's Answer: We had considered offering the traditional hot and cold bluing at our customer’s request.  The DuraBlue came at a great time.  We will expand into DuraBlue over this summer.  We have used DuraBlue on several projects and we are impressed with the results.

    Work in progress: DuraCoated parts drying in an LCW Baking Oven

    About DuraCoat® University:

    1. How did you learn about DuraCoat® University (workshop)?

      John's Answer: Internet
    1. How many times have you attended a DuraCoat® University class? 

      John's Answer: Two
    1. What was the most important lesson learned at class? Anything else you feel was vital information that you learned?

      John's Answer:  The complete process of DuraCoating.  The blasting and parking of the ferrous steel process.
    1. Would you be interested in attending another DuraCoat® University class? Is there a specific topic you would like to focus on or learn more about?

      John's Answer: Yes, the blending and feathering of colors.  The application of DuraBlue.
    1. Did you have a firearm related business prior to attending DuraCoat® University?

      John's Answer: Yes and I used Guncote and Alumahyde on my new builds. 
    1. Had you applied DuraCoat® prior to attending the class? If so, were you offering services?

      John's Answer: Yes I used DuraCoat® for about six months before I attended the first class.
    1. Did you come alone or did you bring additional attendees with you to the class?

      John's Answer:  My first class I came alone.  My second class I brought three additional people.  My next class I will bring one additional person.
    1. What was your main reason for attending DuraCoat® University?

      John's Answer:  I had a lot of questions I needed answered.  I had no experience using the templates.  I had only been using single colors.
    1. How has attending DuraCoat® University benefited your business?

      John's Answer: I am better able to sell the product to customers as I have a much better working knowledge of DuraCoat®.  My work has improved at I learned the proper way to apply DuraCoat®.
    1. Do you have any advice for people considering attending DuraCoat® University?

      John's Answer: Yes, try to get some DuraCoating completed before attending the class.  That will help you generate good questions for the class.
    1. Please tell us anything else relevant that we did not ask but you feel is important in describing your experience.

      John's Answer: The DuraCoat® Adhesion Promoter has be the single greatest improvement to the Lauer line of products.  We have had problems with high end stocks, for example the stock skins on the AICS, several of the paint markers made by Tipton, and even synthetic stocks from the major manufactures that duracoat will not adhere to, even after degreasing and several blasting times of the material.  We have started using the DuraCoat Adhesion Promoter and we simply no longer have those issues and the preparation time is minimized from blasting.

    Cal Armory

    Find out more about John's business by visiting him at www.calarmory.com.

    Read Part Three of the Series Here: Certified Finisher Interview Two 

  • DuraCoat University Series Post 3 - Certified Finisher Interview 2

    In Part 3 of the DuraCoat University series we will be hearing from Kevin Muramatsu of Village Pine Custom Guns in Minnesota. Let's find out what his experience was like.

    Read Part 1 here     |     Read Part 2 here

    Village Pine Custom Guns in Minnesota

    About Kevin's Business:

    1. Do you have a storefront? Do you have a gun shop or firearm related business

      Kevin's Answer:  I do not currently have a storefront.  I do have an FFL, am awaiting receipt of my SOT, and do regular gunsmithing services from my residence.
    1. Do you offer DuraCoat® services as a main business, part of another business, or as a side business?

      Kevin's Answer: DuraCoat and other spray on applications compose the majority of my business.  This is roughly a ¾ time self-employment.

    Kevin's Workbench

    1. How much DuraCoat® work do you get on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

      Kevin's Answer: Generally, 20-30 handguns painted per month, mixed single color and camo; rifles are much more variable.
    1. Do you advertise your DuraCoat® services in any way? Print ads, signage, website, etc.

      Kevin's Answer: I have a website, bare bones and currently under construction.  I do not advertise, but am present at the larger local gunshows, from which I have gained most of my non OEM customers.
    1. Do you have employees that perform DuraCoat® services? If so, how many?

      Kevin's Answer: I independently contract when necessary.
    1. Do you specialize in solid colors, camo patterns, restorations, hydrographics, or something else?

      Kevin's Answer: No stated specialization, however solid colors comprise the majority of my work.

    DuraCoat® Custom Camo Pattern by Kevin

    1. Please tell us anything else pertinent about your current business.

      Kevin's Answer: Most work is OEM.  All I have time for, plus roughly 4-6 solid or camo guns per month off the street.

    About DuraCoat® University:

    1. How did you learn about DuraCoat® University (workshop)?

      Kevin's Answer: LCW website.
    1. How many times have you attended a DuraCoat® University class?

      Kevin's Answer: Once
    1. What was the most important lesson learned at class? Anything else you feel was vital information that you learned?

      Kevin's Answer: Use quality equipment.  DuraCoat is a heck of a lot easier to use than the competing products.
    1. Would you be interested in attending another DuraCoat® University class? Is there a specific topic you would like to focus on or learn more about?

      Kevin's Answer: Yes.  Accelerating cure times would be a good topic.
    1. Did you have a firearm related business prior to attending DuraCoat® University?

      Kevin's Answer: No
    1. Had you applied DuraCoat® prior to attending the class? If so, were you offering services?

      Kevin's Answer: Yes.  Nothing offered then.


    1. Did you come alone or did you bring additional attendees with you to the class?

      Kevin's Answer: Alone.
    1. What was your main reason for attending DuraCoat® University?

      Kevin's Answer: Learn proper or recommended application techniques.
    1. How has attending DuraCoat® University benefited your business?

      Kevin's Answer: I don’t have to sell a s**tload of low margin guns to make money.
    1. Do you have any advice for people considering attending DuraCoat® University?

      Kevin's Answer: Other than that it’s a bargain, and worth doing, not really.
  • DuraCoat vs DuraBake - What's the Difference?

    Greetings DuraCoat Fans!

    All too often we get the question "What's the difference between DuraCoat and DuraBake?" or "Is DuraCoat or DuraBake better?" Well, these are actually very simple questions once you understand the two products a little better.

    DuraCoat vs. DuraBake

    DuraCoat®, our flagship product, is a two-part urethane coating. DuraCoat Hardener is the catalyst and is mixed with the DuraCoat when you are ready to spray. The two components combine and start to cure at room temperature. This gives you a pot life, or working time, of 6-8 hours. DuraCoat dries to the touch in 20 minutes and can be handled in one hour. Reassembly can be done overnight and light use in a day or so. DuraCoat continues to cure for 3-4 weeks. Holsters and harsh solvents should be avoided during the 3-4 week cure time. DuraCoat can be baked to speed the dry time but baking will not speed the cure time or increase durability. It also has much more variety of colors, is available in a self-lubricating version, and can be used on all types of metal, plastic, and wood.

    DuraBake™ is a one-part heat cured enamel coating. The catalyst is already built into the coating and is activated at high temperatures. Baking is required for 30 minutes at 350F. It should not be used on plastics or wood due to the heat required to cure. DuraBake is cured once baked and can be put into heavy use immediately. DuraBake works well in situations where the firearm needs to withstand abuse or heavy holster use and out-of-service time is not an option such as for police or military. 

    Durability usually comes up when discussing these two products but it is not a factor that needs to be considered. Both DuraCoat and DuraBake offer excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Both will provide protection from rust and corrosion. And both are meant to last a lifetime. 

    So, which product you choose really depends on preference and your situation. Do you have the option to bake or do you not mind waiting a couple days to use your gun? Is time a crucial factor? Do you want a vibrant or unique color or do you just want a more traditional look? These questions will help you determine which product you should use. Either choice will leave you with an outstanding finish that you can rely on.

  • DuraCoat® - Designed with the Woman in Mind

    DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes are manufactured by Lauer Custom Weaponry which is a family owned and operated business. That means that, well, half of us are females. So, of course we designed some of our gun finishes and camo patterns with women and girls in mind. Over the years, we have developed such an extensive array of options that every woman can find something that suits their tastes.

    Did you know that DuraCoat® pioneered the “colored gun” craze? Colored guns were few and far between before DuraCoat® hit the scene. But now everyone sells guns in different colors such as pink, purple, teal, blue, green, yellow, you name it. You can thank us for that. Yeah most gun manufacturers offer guns in fun colors but what if the gun you want doesn’t come in a fun color? Or maybe you’d like to change the color of your gun occasionally. How about matching your gun, mags, headgear, and shooting glasses? Or maybe you want something even better such as a fantastic new camo pattern that shows off your individual style. You can do that with DuraCoat®.

    DuraCoated handgun and matching headgear

    (DuraCoated Handgun and Matching Headgear)

    Many of our products were designed with the female in mind but guys, don’t feel weird if you think some of these are pretty awesome and secretly, or not so secretly, want it on your gun.

    Let’s start with colors. DuraCoat® colors are divided up into different categories or “collections.” These collections include Standard, Tactical, Metal, Electric, ZombieCoat, Bloomberg, Girl’s Guide to Guns, and DuraLaser Fluorescent. Most of these collections have some colors more desirable for women. If you don’t want to sort through each collection to find the color you want, we recommend using our DuraCoat® Color Selector which narrows down your search by color family. We have 12 pinks, 6 purples, and 19 blues. We also offer a variety of oranges, yellows, greens, silvers, and so much more. With over 300 colors to choose from you will find something that strikes your fancy.

    If you want something a little fancier than just a pretty color then we recommend you check out the Girl’s Guide to Guns collection. We at DuraCoat® teamed up with Natalie Foster of Girl’s Guide to Guns to create a line of gun finishing products designed just for women. This line includes nine colors, each with an option for SPARKLE! With names like Audrey’s Arsenal, Gunning For You, and Kiss My AK, how can you go wrong? This line also includes Gun Tattoos and a pattern known as Shooting Star.

    Natalie Foster with her AR-15 in Audrey's Arsenal

    (Natalie Foster with her AR-15 in Audrey's Arsenal)

    The Girl’s Guide Gun Tattoos are perfect for adding a little touch or personalization. You can use them along with a complete DuraCoat® job or alone just for a little something special. Options include a heart, stars, flower, bow, and more. The tattoos come as a single adhesive backed stencil that allows you to apply it anywhere. Try it on your mags, buttstock, headgear, or gun case!

    Check out Natalie's show on the NRA Women's Network, "Love at First Shot." She came up to visit our shop in this episode!

    If you want a little sparkle and shine on any DuraCoat® color you can topcoat it with DuraPearl™. This coating can be applied over any color and comes in five different options. Learn more about DuraPearl™ here. Another fantastic option is ChameleonCoat™. This coating creates a color-changing, high-gloss finish much like what is available for cars. We offer it in two color choices. Read about ChameleonCoat™ here.

    Golden Leopard DuraCoat® Camo Pattern

    (Golden Leopard DuraCoat® Camo Pattern)

    Want to go all the way and camo up that shooter? Our AmStripe pattern, designed by Amy Lauer-Potaczek, daughter of DuraCoat® inventor Steve Lauer, is packaged in four color schemes. Two of these are geared towards women. Lady AmStripe comes with Matte Black, White, and a choice of Pink Lady or Bronx Rose. Goddess AmStripecomes with Teal, Goddess Ivory, and Gold plus the extra bonus of the color scheme being hand chosen by NRA Past President Sandy Froman! How’s that for girl power! The latest addition to the pattern line-up is Lady in Lace. This pattern comes with an actual lace template to recreate the look of lace on your firearm. Want to walk on the wild side? Try Bengal or Golden Leopard for a classy looking firearm that will stand out at the range. If none of these are quite what you’re looking for, remember, all DuraCoat® patterns can be done in any color combination you choose. You don’t have to stick with the kits, feel free to customize all you want!

  • DuraCoat® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee vs Cerakote™ Disclaimer

    At Lauer Custom Weaponry we are proud to stand behind our DuraCoat® products. We believe in them. They perform as advertised. That is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  No tricks, no fees, just happy customers. Here is how our warranty reads:

    DuraCoat® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    DuraCoat® Bottles“At DuraCoat®, our number one priority is our customer’s satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied with your DuraCoat® product, for any reason, contact us for a full refund or exchange.” 

    DuraCoat® offers returns with no restocking fee and exchanges with free shipping back to you.

    So, how does our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee compare to our competitor's?

    Here's how Cerakote's warranty reads on their website and product packaging:

    Cerakote Warranty

    Cerakote Box“NIC Industries, Inc. does not warranty the use or application of the materials it manufactures or supplies. Our only obligation shall be to replace any defective materials supplied by us or refund the original purchase price of the product after we have determined it to be defective. We assume no liability for damages of any kind and the user accepts the product “as is” and without any warranties, expressed or implied. The suitability of the product or intended use shall be the sole responsibility of the user. All information provided is believed to be correct, to the best of our knowledge and testing. We recommend that you make adequate tests in your laboratory or plant to determine if this product meets your requirements.”

    According to NIC’s website, Cerakote™ charges 50% on returns within 30 days.

    If a company truly believes in the product they sell there would be no reason to not offer a great warranty, right? So why does the “warranty” offered by Cerakote read more like a disclaimer?

  • DuraCoat® and Hydrographics - A Match Made in Gun Heaven

    Greetings DuraCoat Fans!

    In today's post, we will discuss the fast growing trend of using DuraCoat Firearm Finishes with hydrographics, also known as "water transfer" or "dipping". Hydrographics can add artistic value, unique patterns, or camouflage to a firearm in a relatively simple and inexpensive way. This process can of course also be used on basically anything, not just guns. In case you are unfamiliar with the process I will briefly explain. An item, be it a firearm or something else, will first be coated with some type of sprayed on finish or paint that will act as a base coat. The color of this base coat will be determined by the pattern chosen as it will show through. The item is then "dipped" into a tank that contains a liquid with a thin film floating on top. This film is the pattern that will be transferred onto the item. A clear topcoat is then applied to protect and seal the film.

    DuraCoat and Hydrographics

    Now, this all sounds simple enough but there is a drawback to most factory or aftermarket processes. And that drawback is the type of paint or coating that is used as the base coat and top coat. Many finishers will use automotive type paints and some others use urethane coatings originally designed for other industries. Since these coatings were not designed to be used on firearms, they will not stand up the use, and sometimes abuse, that can be expected. Firearm coatings need to withstand wear, abrasion, heat, and chemicals found in many cleaning products and oils as well as protect against rust. The coatings commonly used with hydrographics tend to fall short on many of these requirements.This can lead to damage to not just the graphics but also to the firearm itself.

    That's where DuraCoat comes in. DuraCoat was designed specifically for guns, another post about that later, and has unmatched resistance to scratches, wear, and abrasion. It withstands all known gun cleaning products, oils, and solvents. DuraCoat also protects against rust and corrosion. Since DuraCoat is available in over 300 colors, finding a match for the base coat is relatively simple. The process of dipping over DuraCoat is simple as well. Just apply DuraCoat following standard application instructions and allow to dry for about 15 minutes, then dip. Dipping should be done between 15 minutes and 1 hour after coating. The film will bond with the DuraCoat so that there is no need to worry about it peeling or lifting off.

    Now, for that topcoat. We have developed a clear coat specifically for use over hydrographics. This product is called DuraClear Sealant. This clear coat was formulated to soak into the film, seal it, and bond the three layers (base coat, film, topcoat) into one. Application is very similar to the DuraCoat base coat and should be done shortly after dipping.

    DuraCoat® Sealant

    DuraClear Sealant can also be used alone over factory or aftermarket hydrographics for better protection. Best results are seen when applying DuraClear Sealant over a two-part urethane coating. A test spot should always be done to ensure compatibility between DuraClear and the existing finish. See full instructions for this here.

    DuraCoat and DuraClear Sealant are quickly being discovered in the hydrographics industry. If you currently offer hydrographics services or are considering doing so, we highly recommend trying DuraCoat and DuraClear Sealant. If you are planning to have a firearm dipped by an applicator, request DuraCoat and DuraClear Sealant be used on your project!

  • DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes - Restoration, Protection, Customization - Your One Stop Shop

    DuraCoat®, our flagship product, is well known but did you know that we at Lauer Custom Weaponry manufacture and sell a complete line of finishing products, coatings, and equipment?

    We don’t manufacture just one coating; we have a product for every need and situation. We pride ourselves in offering a solution for every demand.

    DuraCoat® Metal CollectionDuraCoat®

    Being the most popular product and the reason for our existence in the firearms industry, DuraCoat® expectedly is available in the most variety. It is currently available in around 300 colors including several specialty color collections. These color collections offer a quick way to easily separate colors by theme rather than just sorting through the massive Standard Color selection. The collections include:

    • Standard Colors
    • Tactical Ultra Flat
    • Electric Colors
    • Metal Collection
    • ZombieCoat™
    • Bloomberg Collection
    • Girl’s Guide to Guns
    • DuraMetl™ Metallic Colors
    • DuraLaser™ Fluorescent Colors

    The vast variety of colors available offers something for everyone. Maybe you want a tactical look for your firearm, maybe you want something discrete for hunting, or maybe you want to create something custom that will stand out at the gun range. Whatever the reason, DuraCoat® has a color for you in a product you can rely on.

    DuraBlue™DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing

    Our latest and greatest, the revolutionary spray-on bluing known as DuraBlue™ is the answer to an age old problem. Traditional bluing is problematic, it’s expensive, it doesn’t hold up, and heck, it rusts! Sure, if you leave it hanging on the wall and remember to keep it oiled it will be just like new in 30 years. But who wants to do that? Guns are made to be used and even abused. You shouldn’t have to baby it so that your precious bluing job doesn’t get scratched. And really, who remembers to dry their gun after every time it gets a little wet. Not me, that’s for sure.  With DuraBlue™ you can run it hard and put it away wet and it won’t age a bit.

    DuraBlue™ is now available in three colors and two sheens. Make it a showroom beauty with Polished DuraBlue™ or make it a field gun with Matte DuraBlue™. Either way, never worry about rust, scratches, or wear.

    Firearm Customization Coatings

    We at Lauer Custom Weaponry never stop when it comes to new ways to customize your firearm. We believe that guns should be beautiful, they should be eye-catching, they should be whatever you want them to be. Sure, DuraCoat® offers a ton of colors for your gun but what if you want to take it even further? You want more than just a pretty color. Well, what do you want? I bet we got it.

    You want sparkly? We got it.

    You want custom camo? We got it.

    You want more grip on your stock? We got it.

    You want a gun that glows-in-the-dark? We got it.

    See what I mean? If you can come up with something we don’t have, we’ll make it and chances are good that we’re already on it.

    So what specifically do we offer for gun customization? Here is a rundown of our gun customization products:

    Southern Viper Custom Pattern

    Firearm Restoration Coatings

    DuraCoat® and DuraBlue™ are obviously the big contenders for gun restoration but did you know that we also offer many other types of specialty firearm coatings that help restore and protect your firearms?

    Let’s start with DuraCoat® Clear. This clear gun coating was designed to be used either over DuraCoat® colors or as a stand-alone product. It can be used over bare metal, bluing, stainless, and pretty much anything else you might want to protect without changing the original appearance.

    DuraFil™ Surface Filler is the solution to rust and pitted firearms. Once you get the rust off, just spray this on and sand smooth. Then topcoat with DuraCoat® or DuraBlue™ for a firearm that looks like new.

    How about DuraBake™ Enamel, DuraHeat™ 2.0 High Temperature Coating, DuraClear™Sealant for Hydrographics, TruCoat™ Clear, TruLube™ Surface Protectant? Ever hear of these finishes? How about the complete line of wood finishing products for gun stocks that we offer? We suggest you take some time to familiarize yourself with all of these so you know which product to buy when the need arises.

    Additives, Additives, Additives

    DuraCoat® just wouldn’t be DuraCoat® without the additives. Of course there is Hardener, well you can’t very much have a two-part firearm finish without the part two. But there is also so many other additives that allow you to use DuraCoat® in so many other ways.

    UV Hardener adds protection from the suns rays so that any item, not just guns, can look fantastic and resist fading. This is perfect for cars, atvs, motorcycles, mailboxes, you name it. Reducer can be used for thinning DuraCoat® but it is also the perfect solution for cleaning up your spray equipment to keep it functioning at its best. Retarder slows down the drying of DuraCoat® in cases of dry mist or blushing due to the weather. Flattening Agent dulls the sheen so you can go from matte to dead flat. DuraFlex is a flexible additive that allows you do coat items like atv fenders without the worry of cracking. Quicken will speed the cure time of DuraCoat® so you can get back in action sooner.

    Well, we hope you’re not overwhelmed with all the options. Take time, investigate these products. Anything you can dream you can do with DuraCoat®. Just Ask!

    Wilderness MP Gun

  • DuraCoat® Product Spotlight: DuraBrite™ Phosphorescent Coating

    Have you ever wanted something unique, eye-catching, and amazing? How about a gun that glows in the dark?

    In this post on The DuraBlog we will spotlight DuraBrite™Phosphorescent Coating(glow-in-the-dark) which was released back in 2010.

    DuraBrite™ is not just a glow-in-the-dark paint for guns. It was formulated out of DuraCoat®, so it has the same durability and user-friendly characteristics DuraCoat® is known for. It can be applied to all types of metal, plastic, and wood. It can also be applied to gun accessories such as optics, hearing protection, and eyewear.

    We offer DuraBrite™ in sizes ranging from ½ oz to gallons and can be applied using an airbrush or spray gun. This coating works great on all gun parts. It also adds character to small parts and really stands out when used in conjunction with other DuraCoat® colors in a pattern.  An amazing example of this is offered by 7.62 Precision as seen below. Check out their website for more amazing guns coated with DuraCoat® products by clicking here.


    If you have used DuraBrite™ to create your own glow-in-the-dark gun please share your photos via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+ page!

    DuraBrite™ is just one of the many Special Purpose Coatings that we offer at Lauer Custom Weaponry. If you can dream it, we have it. If we don’t have it, we will work our hardest to make that dream a reality.

    Don’t be fooled by the imitators. We Are The Innovators!


  • DuraCoat® Quick Tip #1 - Use Adhesion Promoter!

    Have troublesome plastic or synthetic parts? Don’t have access to sandblasting? Trying to DuraCoat® something really big? What can you do? Use Adhesion Promoter!

    Adhesion Promoter

    DuraCoat® Adhesion Promoter is a super time saver (and life saver, many times over) if you don’t have the option to blast your parts. Adhesion Promoter comes in a convenient aerosol can for fast application. Just degrease your parts and apply. No blasting or sanding! Allow it to dry and then apply DuraCoat®.  Never again will you worry about poor adhesion on those oily stocks!

    Click Here to Buy

  • DuraCoat® vs Cerakote™ – Salt Spray Results

    The results you have all been waiting for are in.

    DuraCoat® vs Cerakote™ in a head-to-head Salt Spray test conducted by an independent lab. Who won?

    Click here for our previous blog post on an independent Salt Spray Test performed on Cerakote in an attempt to duplicate their claims that it lasts up to 3500 hours.

    First, we want to explain a bit about how the Salt Spray Test works. Coated panels are placed in a chamber and a salt spray is applied until the requested amount of hours is reached. Failure is subjective based on the requirements of the user of the coating. This means that some people may consider a coating to fail when the first blister is formed. Some may not consider it a failure until the panel is completely rusted.

    We contracted an independent lab to run the ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test with the scribe variation. This variation calls for a scratch/scribe to be placed on the panel before it is placed in the salt spray chamber. This measures how well the coating prevents rust from creeping under the edge. This is a realistic test since coated parts can have an edge where the coating stops or where the coating becomes damaged. We requested that the test be run until significant rust was visible. The lab stopped the test at 498 hours after we reviewed the photos seen below. Product #1 is DuraCoat® Matte Black, Product #2 is Cerakote™ H-Series in Graphite Black.

    The results seem fairly clear to us. Our opinion is that DuraCoat® shows less rust and overall damage from the salt spray but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

    DuraCoat® Salt Spray Photos Cerakote™ Salt Spray Photos 

    Click Here for Enlarged Photos

  • Is DuraCoat® actually Sherwin Williams Polane® T? Let the Truth be told.

    There’s been a nasty little rumor floating around about DuraCoat® for the past 15 years. What is this rumor? DuraCoat® has been said to be repackaged Sherwin Williams Polane® T. Could such a thing be true? Well, NIC Industries, the makers of Cerakote™, would like you to believe it’s true. They recently released a document with an analysis comparing DuraCoat® and Polane® T.

    In this document, Cerakote™ makes the claim that the “fingerprint” of DuraCoat® is “nearly identical” and has a “high probability that the two samples are the same material.” Unfortunately it appears as though Cerakote™ did not release the entire lab report and only released a document they created in-house with the lab’s graphs, which leaves many questions unanswered. You can see this document by clicking here.

    Is DuraCoat® just repackaged Polane® T? Of course not. That would be ridiculous and easily identifiable to anyone who has used that coating. What is true is that DuraCoat® is a two-part, air-cured urethane. Sherwin Williams Polane® T is also a two-part, air-cured urethane. Urethanes have similar components and similar compositions. That’s what makes them urethanes. Certain chemicals and certain ingredients create certain types of coatings. What makes urethane coatings different from each other is the exact composition, the percentage of each ingredient, additional ingredients to change certain properties of the coating, the order of the steps taken during manufacture, and a multitude of other things.

    Many coating manufacturers create urethanes and they will obviously show similar results when compared using the FTIR analysis, but they will have subtle differences. The results released by Cerakote™ show that DuraCoat® and Polane® T are similar, as would be expected, but also that they are clearly different.

     This “fingerprint” discussion is interesting when you apply it to the FTIR analysis we had an independent lab conduct on Cerakote™ H-Series. The lab’s analysis found that Cerakote’s “fingerprint” was nearly identical to the “fingerprint” of an epoxy coating. DuraCoat® tested similar to a urethane coating, because it is a urethane coating. That is in stark contrast to Cerakote™ testing most similar to an epoxy when they claim it is ceramic-based. You can read the blog post and view the entire lab analysis on Cerakote™ by clicking here.

    If you go to a Sherwin Williams store, purchase Polane® T, and spray it on your gun, it will not be the same as applying DuraCoat®.  It will not have the same user-friendly characteristics that DuraCoat® is known for. It won’t smell the same, it won’t look the same, it won’t spray the same.  It won’t be available in specialty colors such as fluorescents or metallics. You won’t have options such as DuraPearl or DuraVelvet Top Coat, or find products such as DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing. And, it most definitely will not be available in an aerosol.

    A lab test showing that the chemicals appear similar between the two only shows that DuraCoat® is a urethane, which we have never claimed otherwise. This recent release of information is just another marketing ploy by a company that continuously reports unrepeatable testing results and makes unsubstantiated claims in an attempt to make their product appear better than ours. It is as simple as that. 

  • She's Back and Hotter than Ever! SHOT Show Ready!

    Just a quick update for those of you following the T-Rex build. She has been busy getting shined up for her big trip to SHOT Show 2019! Some final upgrades have been added over the last few months including a larger exhaust, rebuilt carburetors, and the addition of NITRO! We have also been busy adding last minute touches such as logos, bullets, and one more gun because, you know, why not. What is that new gun you ask? Well, a bright, shiny gold AK of course! This AK was done in our DuraChrome Gold which is being released for 2019. It really looks like gold-plating but you can easily do it at home for a fraction of the cost.

    For those of you curious, yes the logos were applied with DuraCoat and yes they were applied over a year after the doors were coated. I know right. How can that be? Will the logos stick? Of course! And no, we did not sand all the little nooks and crannies. We used NoSand Prep Solution. All we did was apply the stencils, spray NoSand, then coat. No problems with adhesion. 

    If you are lucky enough to be going to SHOT Show 2019, look for the T-Rex in the main lobby. She'll be on full display and make sure to get there early to nab your Limited Edition T-Rex decal and a commemorative SHOT 2019 T-Rex mini poster!

  • T-Rex Puts Her Lipstick On

    For those of you following the T-Rex DuraCoat Machine build you are probably wondering where she's been. Well, she's been hibernating but that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy dolling her up while she slept off the winter. You could say we put her lipstick on but in reality it's more like diamonds, rings, bullets, and more bullets. And guns, of course more guns. You didn’t think that 1919 belt-fed would be the only gun right?

    We started by giving her a little bling, earrings let’s call them. Spent casings were attached with bolts pretty much anywhere they would fit. We also used expanded bullet bolts to hold on the license plates, which if you notice are Wisconsin hobbyist plates. An excellent choice for a build like this. Revolver wheels were added as pegs to lift the hood. Handy and kick-ass at the same time. Another great touch was replacing the pins on the shackles with giant bullets. And you can’t miss the mini-gun barrels sticking out the front end! These actually spin!

    On the inside four 1911s are mounted in the center, one for each passenger. Extra mags are mounted next to each seat. Lockboxes were used as seat bases to hold extra guns and ammo. Shotguns are mounted to the roll bars with extra shells in reach. On the back end, a base has been built to mount the belt-fed 1919 and ammo boxes full of belts were attached beside it. And what kind of rig would be complete without cigar lighters shaped like revolver wheels?


    She really has come a long way over the winter and we can’t wait for it to warm up so we can take her for a ride!

  • T-Rex The DuraCoat® Machine - Photo Heavy Build Update

    Greetings DuraCoat® Fans!

    We are way overdue for an update on the T-Rex! The DuraCoat® Machine is coming along rather quickly now that summer is in full swing. Lots of man hours have been put into gutting, customizing, and DuraCoating this bad boy. It still has a long way to go but for all of you following this build we know you will be happy with this picture-heavy update. Here we go!

  • The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 1: The Rise of the T-Rex

    Some may say: “Oh, it’s just a Hummer.” But, it has a greater story to tell.

    One day, Steve Lauer, owner and inventor of DuraCoat®, decided it was time for a second Hummer. The H1 he bought back in 2000 needed a companion. Since they had stopped building H1 Hummers by this time we naturally went to the best place to find such things: the internet. Since finding a new H1 would be difficult we spent our time searching through the listings and stumbled upon something. It’s a Hummer! It’s a Humvee! NO! It’s a T-Rex! Wait, what? We had found something different, something unique. Something with a story just waiting to be told.

    The T-Rex was a Hummer look-alike made from the late 90s to the early 2000s by a small vehicle company called Jurassic Truck Corporation in Arlington, TX. The T-Rex was designed to look like a H1 but weighed 2000 lbs less and was a fraction of the cost. They were sold mostly in kit form but a few were sold as nearly complete, basically just missing the engine. There are no official numbers but supposedly less than 200 exist. The one we found on Ebay was a kit that was built in the early 2000s into a full truck with monster truck proportions. No other T-Rex could be found for sale and very little information could be found to tell us more about the history of this find. So naturally, Steve bought it. 

    That brings us to today. The T-Rex is in for a major upgrade to make it even more monstrous. We called upon Fast Freddies Rod Shop in nearby Eau Claire, WI to tackle this mission. The plan was to install a blower and new drive train to really make this baby go. Stay tuned as we follow the rise of the T-Rex.

    Update: Read the next chapter here: Part 2: The Roar of the T-Rex - Dyno Test

  • The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 2.5: The Roar of the T-Rex – Engine Install!

    In part one of this series we introduced you to T-Rex, The DuraCoat® Machine. If you missed out on that you can read up on it here: Part 1 - The Rise of the T-Rex

    And in part two we saw the beast on the dyno. You can see that here if you missed it: Part 2 - The Roar of the T-Rex - Dyno Test

    Now the engine has been mounted and we can finally hear it roar! We discovered that this baby has so much power that the existing brake system would not hold it at a stop so those have been upgraded with hydroboost. New mufflers also needed to be installed to ward off any undesirable attention from the local PD. Roar Baby Roar!

  • The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 2: The Roar of the T-Rex – Dyno Test

    In part one of this series we introduced you to T-Rex, The DuraCoat® Machine. If you missed out on that you can read up on it here:  Part 1 - The Rise of the T-Rex

    The next chapter in the rise of the T-Rex brings us to the Dyno. Dyno testing puts the engine in a safe environment to measure horsepower and torque, allows for any adjustments or corrections to be made to optimize performance, and most importantly makes sure the darn thing doesn’t explode. 


    Exhaust noise was pumped outside so all we hear is the power and roar of this beast.  We got her up to 6400rpm with torque at 477 lb ft. The horsepower was calculated at 581 and still climbing. To keep it street legal and easy to drive we didn’t try to push her any further but she definitely could have taken it.  For you motorheads, one of the Dyno printouts is below.  All you really need is to watch the video so we’ll shut up now and get to it.

     Dyno Report
  • The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 3: The T-Rex Comes Home

    In part one of this series we introduced you to T-Rex, The DuraCoat® Machine. If you missed out on that you can read up on it here: Part 1: The Rise of the T-Rex.

    And in part two we saw the beast on the dyno. You can see that here if you missed it: Part 2: The Roar of the T-Rex.

    Finally, T-Rex comes home! We have been waiting for this day for months and trust us, it was worth the wait! Watch below to see its return, see our first ride, and learn what is yet to come!

  • Unicorn Gun using DuraPearl Unicorn by DuraCoat

    So, yes, Unicorns are a thing. And yes, of course, we built a gun and released a new product to commemorate their limited time being accepted in the gun world. And it was awesome! Because you all want to know exactly how we did it, here we are!



    I started with the idea of creating a new DuraPearl Top Coat that solved the need for something that would make any DuraCoat color metallic. So many of you have requested such a thing that I just had to figure it out, so of course, I did. Nothing can stop us once we have an idea. It will become reality. Period. So DuraPearl Unicorn was born. This top coat can be applied over any DuraCoat color. The DuraPearl will be enhanced by the base color it is applied over thus making that color metallic. It’s really that simple. Choose a base color, apply Unicorn, and BOOM, metallic color.


    Now, how do we showcase this product? Well, on a Unicorn gun of course. And being that we are also firearm manufacturers, we can build anything we want. I stuck with a nice and simple build that would allow me to really show the colors and the effect the DuraPearl had on them. I coated it with the rainbow. I choose Manhattan Red, Harley Davidson Orange, Staten Island Orange, Zombie Green, Royal Blue, Lilac Purple, and Hogue Pink for the handguard and stock. I did not apply a white basecoat as some of these colors require because I did not want to build up too much thickness. Also, I didn’t think it necessary because I was not going for a full blown, bright effect with these colors. A little black show through would be okay. I choose Stainless Steel and Gold to coat the rest of the gun. I spent a little time color-filling the Lauer Custom Weaponry logo on the lower receiver just for some extra flair. Color-fill can be done using a small brush, toothpick, or other small device. Lay the DuraCoat into the engraving, wait a minute or two, then wipe clean with a rag damp with mineral spirits.

    Once I had all the parts coated, I applied several layers of DuraPearl Unicorn until I reached the desired amount of sparkle. Pictures do not do it justice. Take the amount of sparkle in the photos and double it, at least. This product is ridiculously difficult to photograph so please excuse the strange angles. A topcoat of DuraCoat Gloss Clear was also applied to smooth out any roughness from the metallic flake and to give it depth. That’s it! Easy-peezy and perfect for your next fun project.

  • UV Testing: How does DuraCoat® hold up to Sun and Weathering?

    It’s summer! Let’s take a look at how well 
    DuraCoat® withstands the sun!

    American Flag DuraCoat® Rifle

    All coatings degrade in the sun. That is just how it is but some fair better than others. A coating that degrades from sunlight will not just fade but will start to break down which could cause other failures such as chipping or premature wear. UV weathering of a coating can be simulated by a lab test. This test is completed using ASTM D4587 standards. Basically, steel panels are coated and then placed in a light chamber. This chamber is filled with UV lights. The panels are exposed to constant light until a measurable change has occurred in the coating.

    Of course your average gun is not exposed to 24/7 UV lights but this test is a great way to determine how the sun will affect the coating on your gun long term. It is also a way to tell how well it will hold up when used on items that will be outside 24/7 such as vehicles, bicycles, mailboxes, or one of the many other ways that DuraCoat® is used. Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a Ma Deuce in the backyard.

    So, how did DuraCoat® hold up to the sun? Well, DuraCoat® held up amazing! We had an independent lab test six DuraCoat® colors using both standard Hardener and UV Hardener. The lab stopped the test at 504 hours once there was visual color change. You can view the lab report below (we withheld the lab’s identity to protect their privacy and only included the pages of the report pertinent to this test). The table of results is also posted below. When viewing this table the most important line is the ΔE (Delta E) which measures the change. The higher the number the more the change so ideally you want the lowest number possible.

    UV Lab Report Page 1

    The table shows how well DuraCoat® withstands the sun and how it performs even better with UV Hardener. Some colors fair much better than others and the UV Hardener helps some colors more than others. It really just depends on the pigments.

    UV Results Table

    Just for fun we had a few panels coated with Cerakote™ Graphite Black added to the testing chamber just to see how DuraCoat® and Cerakote™ compare in this scenario. You can clearly see that while the DuraCoat panel (on the left) did fade, the Cerakote panel showed coating failure and degradation around the edges which goes beyond just fading. 

    UV Test Comparison Photo

    (DuraCoat (left) fades gray while Cerakote (right) fades brown due to the differences in pigments used in each coating. Notice the additional degradation around the edges of the Cerakote panel)

    So relax and be comfortable knowing your gun or bow or motorcycle will look its best for many sunny days to come – and don’t forget to ask for UV Hardener for your next outdoor project!

    UPDATE: We at DuraCoat® are a very open and honest family-run company and we have been silent long enough in regards to NIC’s repeated and constant attacks on our products. Their response to our UV testing is just the next step in their constant bullying. They claim that “it is important for the customer to have the facts” but yet they continue to claim that Cerakote™ is ceramic-based when independent lab analysis shows otherwise. They also continue to claim that their product lasts over 3500 hours in a salt spray chamber. We have had three independent labs test Cerakote™ that was applied by Cerakote™ Certified Applicators and all failed in less than 500 hours. They even used our DuraCoat® and Lauer™ trademarks in Google ads to draw potential customers to their website. A lawsuit and settlement soon followed. It is really the credibility of NIC Industries and Cerakote™ that should be in question.

    Read more here:

  • We Support the NRA - Do you?

    Help the NRA Fight for YouThe National Rifle Association has been the backbone of the firearm community for nearly 150 years. It has become the largest organization dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of gun owners and enthusiasts. Gun ranges, youth programs, firearm education, law enforcement training, and so much more is supported by the NRA. Without the NRA, we as Americans would have lost our firearm freedom a long time ago. It is imperative that we as gun owners, gun dealers, and gun manufacturers do what we can to support this organization so that it can continue to fight the good fight.

    We at Lauer Custom Weaponry™ and DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes are proud to support the National Rifle Association.

    So what exactly do we do? 

    • Member of the NRA Business Alliance
    • Our gun shop is an NRA Recruiting Station
    • Monthly advertisements in the American Rifleman
    • Link to the NRA Sign Up page on our website
    • Join the NRA sign-up card is included with every order
    • Proud supporter of our local Friends of NRA chapter (read more about this below)
    • Exhibitor at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits
    • Rifle donations to national NRA Foundation Banquet and NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction
    • We even have a sign above the entrance to our gun shop that says “NRA Members Only”!

    Steve Lauer and Kayne Robinson

    Steve Lauer (left), owner and inventor of DuraCoat®, and Kayne Robinson (right), former Executive Director of General Operations for the NRA, outside the Lauer Custom Weaponry Gun Shop

    Friends of NRA

    We have long supported our local Friends of NRA chapter and have helped make the banquet one of the top fund raising banquets in the country. Each year the banquet includes a Lauer Raffle which is completely donated by us. The raffle is limited to 100 tickets, each ticket selling for $50. The purchaser of the ticket receives not only a chance to win but also an item such as a Lauer Custom Weaponry hat or glass. The raffle prizes always consist of LCW15 rifles built right here at our facility ranging in value up to $1800 each. Some years, we have even upped the stakes by donating rifles such as the Barrett 50 cal. Many great achievements have been made with funds raised by this raffle, including improvements to many local ranges and ammo for groups such as the Boy Scouts.

    Our local chapter is not the only one to get our support though. Every Wisconsin chapter of the Friends of NRA is offered a LCW Predator .22 Suppressor to use as a raffle or auction item. A LCW15 rifle is also donated to the annual Wisconsin State Friends of NRA banquet.

    Debbie Sandy

    Good friends Debbie Lauer (right) and Sandy Froman (left), Past President of the NRA, at our local Friends of NRA banquet

    NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

    Every year the NRA holds its Annual Meetings, more commonly referred to as the NRA Convention. Lauer Custom Weaponry has been an exhibitor at this event for over 10 years. We are proud to show our support at the event by donating a LCW15 rifle to both the NRA Foundation Banquet and the NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction.

    Lauer Family and Wayne LaPierre

    Lauer Family (Steve, Debbie, Amy and Mike) with Wayne LaPierre at the NRA Convention

    What Else Is There?

    Do you participate in the NRA Round-Up program when you call to order from us? We hope so! We have raised over $20,000 for the NRA with the Round-Up program so far.

    Wanna work here? Show us your NRA membership card or forget it.

    And of course, Steve Lauer, owner and inventor of DuraCoat®, is a Benefactor Member. He is also a proud member of several other gun rights organizations, such as Gun Owners of America and Second Amendment Foundation.

    We at Lauer Custom Weaponry do everything we can to support the gun rights and freedoms our founding fathers worked so hard to gain. Please do the same to keep our country strong and free.

  • Welcome to The DuraBlog!

    Greetings DuraCoat Fans and Newcomers!

    Welcome to the NEW DuraCoat Blog known as, The DuraBlog! Here we will discuss Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for using DuraCoat Firearm Finishes with a focus on many of our lesser known products. We will also have How-To Tutorials, New Product Releases, and even some great projects done by DuraCoat users. Follow us or check back often!

    Thanks for joining us! 
    The Lauer Custom Weaponry and DuraCoat Team