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DuraDize™ Spray-On Anodizing Replicator
DuraDize™ Spray-On Anodizing Replicator
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DuraDize™ Spray-On Anodizing Replicator

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Ever wanted to recreate the unique look of anodizing? Now you can with DuraDize™!

DuraDize™ replicates the richness of colorful anodizing, and:

  • can be applied over all types of metal, plastic, and wood
  • requires a base coat of DuraCoat® Stainless Steel
  • FOR BEST RESULTS, use DuraCoat® Satin Clear topcoat ONLY over Satin DuraDize™
  • apply with an airbrush, spray gun, or use the convenient aerosol can


    DuraDize™ Aerosol Info:

    Unique Can-within-a-Can technology provides the Hardener right inside of the can.

    No more measuring and mixing. Just release the Hardener and shake.

    Lasts up to 4 weeks once activated. Enough for one handgun.

    DuraDize™ Aerosol Kit includes:

    • DuraDize™ Aerosol can
    • 6 oz TruStrip™ Cleaner/Degreaser
    • Scrubbing pad

    Click Here To View Product Instructions

    Utilize our DuraFil™ Surface Filler to fill in pits and scratches prior to applying DuraDize!

    - Color swatches approximate actual color -


     Colors: Ginger, Jade, Sapphire, Chartreuse, Wine, Scarlet, Violet

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