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DuraBlue® Nitre

Get the sought-after look of traditional nitre bluing! Also known as fire blue, nitre bluing was historically seen on the small parts of handguns and long guns. This brilliant blue...


DuraFil™ Surface Filler

Description DuraFil™ is an easy-to-use, fast-drying formula designed to eliminate imperfections such as pits, dings, and scratches.  How to Use DuraFil™ can be applied with any quality airbrush, automotive spray gun,...


DuraPearl™ Coating

Description DuraPearl™ Coating is a top coat designed for use over any DuraCoat® color. The top coat adds sparkle and sheen to create a very attractive finish that is durable...

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To Hell and Back Distressing Kit

Description Create a battle-worn, war-torn, distressed look on your firearm or gear with the To Hell and Back Distressing Kit. Easy-to-use aerosol cans keep it simple yet effective. A top...


DuraLaser™ Fluorescent Colors

Description The brightest, boldest DuraCoat® colors yet! These brilliant, blazing colors are sure to please those looking to add a splash of radiance to their favorite firearm! Requires a base...

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