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Cerakote: Corrosion Test for Real?
Cerakote: Isn't it supposed to be ceramic?
DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing – You can do this!
DuraCoat Durability Testing Results
DuraCoat Quick Tip - DuraCoating in Winter?
DuraCoat University Series Post 1 - Becoming a Certified Finisher
DuraCoat University Series Post 2 - Certified Finisher Interview 1
DuraCoat University Series Post 3 - Certified Finisher Interview 2
DuraCoat vs DuraBake - What's the Difference?
DuraCoat® - Designed with the Woman in Mind
DuraCoat® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee vs Cerakote™ Disclaimer
DuraCoat® and Hydrographics - A Match Made in Gun Heaven
DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes - Restoration, Protection, Customization - Your One Stop Shop
DuraCoat® Product Spotlight: DuraBrite™ Phosphorescent Coating
DuraCoat® Quick Tip #1 - Use Adhesion Promoter!
DuraCoat® vs Cerakote™ – Salt Spray Results
Is DuraCoat® actually Sherwin Williams Polane® T? Let the Truth be told.
She's Back and Hotter than Ever! SHOT Show Ready!
T-Rex Puts Her Lipstick On
T-Rex The DuraCoat® Machine - Photo Heavy Build Update
The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 1: The Rise of the T-Rex
The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 2.5: The Roar of the T-Rex – Engine Install!
The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 2: The Roar of the T-Rex – Dyno Test
The DuraCoat® Machine - Part 3: The T-Rex Comes Home
Unicorn Gun using DuraPearl Unicorn by DuraCoat
UV Testing: How does DuraCoat® hold up to Sun and Weathering?
We Support the NRA - Do you?
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